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Athens County Home/Infirmary 1857-1928

Please Read! About the Infirmary / Poorhouse (picture included)

Please Read! Understanding the Infirmary Records & Terminology Definitions

Volume One Completed!

Index   (every name)
Mortality Index Volume One 
  •   This is the mortality index as given in Volume One of the infirmary, I can say for certain that it is NOT a complete list of all those who died.

Volume Two In Progress

Index    (partial at this time)  #1-501
Register    (partial at this time) #1 - 501


Athens County Children's Home 1882-1911  Completed!

Index of Children 
Index of Fathers
Index of Mothers
Index of other adults


Names found in military papers of John North (1833-1906)

John North was born and died in Athens County, Ohio. He served in the 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and received a disability pension. This is a list of every name appearing in his papers from the National Archives in Washington D.C. 


72 Veteran photos from WWII to 1995 
Photos of Veterans from Athens County, Ohio. Pictures and article were in the Athens "Messenger" dated Sun, May 28th, 1995, page C-9. Reprinted with permission of the Athens Messenger.

1921-1922 Sugar Creek School Scholars


Cover: Souvenir of our School
1st Page: "With pleasant memories of Happy Days spent together in the Schoolroom, this souvenir is presented to you with the best of wishes of your Teacher"
Inside: 1921-1922, Sugar Creek School, Dover Township, Athens County, Ohio
Fannie Matteson, Teacher
Floyd Wakely
William Bresnan
Carrie Bigush
Zeke Gall
Albert Hanula
Violet Lauderback
Glenn Jefferies
Andy Kumurush
Julia Miklos
James Martin
Tressie Nix
Faye Southerton
Steve Varady
Beatrice Wood
Rhoda Cowan
Odell Darnell
Frances De Long
Clifford Freeman
Evelyn Hutchinson
Mary Kottyan
James McClain**
John Nadroski
Mary Norris
Gordon Stephenson
Walter Tippie
Fred Chester
Alice Boyd
Charley Bryan
Frieda Giffin
Frank Hanula
Dessie Hamilton
Jewel Engle
Ida Kytta
Eldon McColley
Sam Miklos
Esther Mehl
Elsie Rankin
Robert Taylor
Wilma Vido
Joe Tippie
Faye Hunter
Clyde Dailey
Timothy Dolan
James Grimm
Mack Kytta
Mabel McMasters
Ina McColley
Ethel Norris
James Rankin
James Taylor
Martha Hunter
Dwight Jones
Cuba Porter