Veterans of Athens Photos
The Photos below are from the Athens "Messenger" dated Sun, May 28th,
1995, page C-9 and C-10. There is an accompanying article which isn't really relevant
 to the photos except to state that the following individuals were added.
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Agnone, Anthony R. (Tony)

McLean, P.F.C. William Edward

Arnold, James C.

McLean, William E

Blair, Donald E.

Miller, Frank H. Jr.

Bretz, Sgt. Clifford

Miller, Frank Harold Sr.

Brooks, Donnie

Mingus, Sgt. Herbert E.

Camp, Ronald H.

Montgomery, John P.

Carsey, ClarenceC

Morgan, William

Chesser, Lloyd

Morman, Donald F.

Claxton, Jack

Moschell, Bob

Cogar, Issac J.

Moschell, Mrs Bob (Dot)

Corbin, Clyde R.

O'Nail, Frederick Raymond

Daft, J.W. (Jack)

Perry, Paul

Dishong, Chief Max E. (Dick)

Porter, Bernard L.

Douglas, Charles Sr.

Porter, Lt. Col. Clancy D.

Douglas, Chuck

Roberts, William L. (Bill)

Essex, Richard H.

Rowan, Charles

Everett, Wilbur L.

Rowland, Earnest

Fortney, Benjamin R.

Rowland, Eugene

Fortney, Mark B.

Russell, Harry Jr.

Frum, Albert

Russell, Howard (Gene)

Gorby, Darrel C.

Russell , William Frances

Grubb, Evelyn M

Russell, Paul E.

Grubb, Melvin G.

Sanborn , George E.

Harvey, Don E.

Sanders, Jack L. Sr.

James, William M. (Bill)

Schenz, 2nd Lt Walter Dix

Johnson, Hampton W. (Hamp)

Smith, Norman W.

Johnson, Hampton W. Jr.

Smith, Ralph

Johnson, John W.

Smith, Robert L.

Johnson, Paul A.

Summers, James H.

Kamento, Albert

Tucker, Herbert L.

Kozma, Calmon

Warner, Dale G.

Lavelle, William A.

West, Darrell L.

Lewis, CPL Bill

West, Terry

Mckee, Carl H.

Williams, John E.

McKibben, Arthur

Winland, Wilbur R.

McLain, James W.

Young, George A.