Military Records Index of John North

John North, 75th O. V. I., Civil War

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Misc. names listed in the Official papers of John North (1833 or 1834 - 1906) and wife Sarah Maris Harris (1845-1922), obtained form the National Archives. All locations are in Athens County, Ohio unless otherwise noted. Blank locations mean the residence was not given. The year listed is the year in which they appear in the papers. **Most of these pages are hand written and difficult to read. I did the best I could to translate the personís names. Many of these people appear multiple times but I only referenced one year. Write if you have questions. Julie Lynn North

For most of the affiants, I have examples of their handwriting for descendants. I have signatures as well for most everyone on this list for those interested.

Name Residence/ Year

Adair, Lucy A.

Morgan county

Adair, W. A. (or N.A.)

Amesville 1884; Morgan county

Alderman, W.N. (doctor)

1898 Athens

Axline, H.A. (assistant adjutant general of ohio)


Baird, J.W. (justice of the peace)


Blanchard, H. W.


Botts, Jane


Bright, W.J. (doctor)

New Lexington, Perry County, Ohio 1884

Cable, C.W. (doctor)


Carpenter, Bert

1905 Amesville

Conner, Daniel (affiant - email me for a copy of his affidavit in his handwriting w/signature)

Amesville 1871-1885

Cornwell, Fred (auditor, Athens County)


Cotton, J.D. (doctor)

1884 Marietta, Washington County, Ohio

Dauford, H.D. (doctor)

1898 Athens

Dean, Nade (postmaster)


Dervees, G. W. (affiant for Sarah North)

Glouster Rd. 3, Morgan County, Ohio, 1906

Dunbar, Blanche

Morgan county

Durfee (See SURFEE below)  

Edwards, C.M.

1881 Athens

Edwards, William M.

1881 Athens

Ellis, B.A. (notary public)


Fitzgerald, N.W. (attorney office)

Washington D.C. 1883

Foutch, J.L. (notary)

1922 Athens

Frame, A.J.

1892 Athens

France, A.B. (doctor)

1882 Athens

Gillilan, E.E. (doctor)

Amesville 1893-1905

Green, J.H.

1891 Amesville

Grosvernor, C.H.


Harris, Andrew L. (Colonel)


Hart, S. (doctor)

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1884 Marietta, Washington County, Ohio

Headley, J. C.


Hearris(?), A.L. (affiant for John North)

1883 Preble county, Ohio

Heston, J.Z.

1889 Amesville

Hildreth, Geo. O. (doctor)

1884 Marietta, Washington County, Ohio

Hoisington, Nathaniel Prentice (affiant - email me for a copy of his affidavit in his handwriting w/signature)

Amesville 1885

Howard, Clem


Howard, J. M. (doctor)

Amesville 1922

Lefever, S.M. (affiant for John North)

Trimble 1892

Lemon, George E.

Washington D.C. 1891

Lucas, C.H.

1922, Sharpsburg, Ohio

Lynch, A.W. (probate judge)

1906 Athens

McDaniel, Ezra (undertaker)


McDaniel, John (affiant for John North)

1892, Joy, Morgan County

McGonalgle, John A. (clerk of courts)


McKitrick, James (doctor)

Chauncey 1885

Miller, E.E. (disbursing clerk)

Washington D.C. 1922

Miller, P.A.


Mintun ,W. H. H.. (probate judge & attorney)

1881 Athens

North, John


North, Lovisa {Reaves} (affiant for Sarah North)

1906 Beaumont, Athens county

North, Lucy E. { Jones }


North, Sarah Maris

All years, Amesville

North, William

Stewart 1922

Painter, F.R.

1906 Amesville

Painter, W.M.

1905 Amesville

Port, M.B.

1892 Athens

Quinn, R.W. (probate judge)

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Preble County, Ohio 1883

Roberts, Marcella {North }


Roberts, Roy


Scoppell, A.W. (attorney)


Scott, C. (examiner)

Washington D.C. ?

Shoop, F.G.

1891 Amesville

Shoop, James B.

1889 Amesville

Smith, C. P. (affiant for Sarah North)

Amesville 1906

Stephenson, S.H. (notary)


Surfee, (illegible)

Amesville 1885

Surfee, A.W. (Justice of the Peace)

Amesville 1885

Surfee, Perla

Amesville 1885

Surfee, Sarah J.

Amesville 1885

Tinkham, Lucy {North} (affiant for Sarah North)


Wallace, Wm. H.

1883 Nelsonville

Wardell (?), C. H.


White, Harley

1922 Sharpsburg, Ohio

Wickham, H.H. (attorney)

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Athens 1906