Surnames & Database


The following vital statistics are the result of researching our own tree. Many of these names are in our tree, the others came from indexing names found on various family papers, or through newspaper clippings and obituaries etc. Please feel free to email me at if you'd like additional information on an individual, or to check for relationships, locations, etc.

**Not all info is on the database**
**Data pages may take a minute to load so be patient, they are large!**
Some of the entries say {Mail and date}, this means they were listed in that day's paper Athens County, for having mail waiting at the post office.
The database contains the following information if known:
Name, birth date & place, death date & place, cause of death, burial place, informant, occupation, spouse, marriage date, parentage, source & notes. The database may contain multiple records for the same individual. This allows YOU to determine the relationships and keeps me from making mistakes trying to tie people with like names together. Make sure you check for various spellings and /or use the SEARCH tool located on the Home page.


A     B    C    D(except Davis)   DAVIS     

E-F      G      Ha      He-Hu     I      J-L

   Ma      McA-McCi     McCl      McCo-McCu    McD-McK   

    McLain - McLane   McLau-McLel (including McLean)

    McM-McW    Mea-Mil    Min-Mye    Nas-Norr    North    

Northrop-Nye    O     Pa-Phillips    Pickett    Pid-Q 

   Ron-Ry      Sa-Sl    Sm-Spr    Sta-Stu    Su-Te

    Th-Tro    U-V    Wa    We     Wh-Wi      Wo-Y