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  Welch Airport, West Virginia

From Ken Scarberry: "The Welch airport was on Belcher Mountain which was the mountain behind Superior #3 mines or what we called Hylton Hill. When I grew up the airport was dirt but later paved."

"Cap's Plane", Welch Airport, West Virginia

Cap's full name is never given but a previous resident Ken Scarberry, recalls his name as Caparossi (spelling unsure). Ken thinks Cap might have been a doctor, living in Welch. Cap came and flew his planes on the weekends. Mr. Scarberry has even flown in one of Cap's planes! Thanks for the memories, Ken!

Plane in the Hanger, Welch Airport, West Virginia
"Cap & Dennie Dennis", Welch Airport, West Virginia

Another blown up version of this photo, found in the collection, has "Welch Municipal Airport, Belcher Mo (Mountain)"

  Elm Grove, West Virginia

Wheeling area of West Virginia

Engine House, Dry House, Head House #1, Elm Grove, WV

"With Mom's finger in foreground (grandpa called my grandma "mom")

#1 Head House with Heck Bradfield, Elm Grove, WV
Heck Bradfield at #1 Head House, Elm Grove, WV
Carsewell Mine Postcard

Koppers Coal Company in McDowell County, West Virginia

(not a photograph of Howard's, but in his boxes, and part of his life)