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Davis Photos

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John J. Davis Family 1891-1892
Back: Edgar Davis
Front, left to right: Silas E. Davis, John J. Davis, Salina "Jane" Ellis Davis, Francis "Frank" R. Davis
Baby: Mary Elizabeth Davis
Silas Exix (Essex) Davis & Eva Elizabeth Hanson Davis
Silas E. Davis & Beatrice Davis (left) & Gertrude Davis (right)

Davis Girls, December 2, 1922

Daughters of Silas E. Davis & Eva Hanson Davis

Edna Davis, 18 yrs, 9 months, 23 days, back, 1904
Mabel Davis, 14 yrs, 5 months, 0 days, middle, 1908
Gertrude Davis, 9 yrs, 10 months, 29 days, right, 1913
Beatrice Davis, 7 yrs, 6 months, 29 days, left, 1911
Edna, Leslie & Carl Davis
(left to right)

Oldest three children of Silas E. Davis & Eva Hanson Davis

Eva Hanson Davis & Children
Eva Davis Family

This could be the Hanson family. Eva Hanson married Silas Davis. It does look like the Hanson family when compared to other Hanson pictures. It could also be the Eva Powers Family, Eva Powers married Oliver William Davis. I have no photos of that family though, to compare. It's most likely Frank Hanson (father) & Sarah White Hanson (mother) and siblings of Eva Hanson Davis.

Eva Hanson Davis & daughter Bea (Beatrice)
Gertrude & Beatrice Davis
Gertrude & Beatrice Davis
Gertrude & Beatrice Davis
Gertrude, Edna & Beatrice Davis
Gertrude Davis North
Leslie Davis, @ 1902

Son of Silas Davis & Eva Hanson Davis

Leslie Davis Reunion